About the Council

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West Northants Council asked all parishes to submit their views on the Local Plan, also categorising our village. We have been categorised as a small village which means potentially will not change due to lack of amenities, space for housing development etc. Please find our response here

About the Council

Abthorpe is a small village with about 160 houses in the village itself and another 20 scattered around the parish. There are 350 electors in the parish.

The Parish Council is responsible for a limited range of local services and provides a channel for representing local views to the District and County Council. It is responsible for street lighting and the maintenance of the village green. It is regularly consulted on planning applications and its views are sought on the various plans which the District and County Councils formulate for the provision of their services.

The Parish Council consists of 7 members elected every four years. To find out who is on the Council, look at the list of current members. The Council employs a part-time clerk who is responsible for the Council’s finances and minutes. Much of the clerk’s time is taken up gathering information to enable the Council to work on behalf of the people of the parish. The Parish Council has an annual budget of approximately £4,500 raised through the Council Tax. You will find the precise amount detailed in the Tax demand which you receive each year from the District Council.

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